Recap of 2020

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for most people. I am amonst the very privileged who weren’t tragicaly affected by the pandemic or its socio-economic consequences.

Furthermore, I’m stepping into 2021 proudly wearing my transidentity and my masculine gender.

I’ve been practicing for some years already the positive recap proposed by Austin Kleon. So here is my year 2020 in its most fabulous form!

I complete my 1st month working full time making storyboards for an animation studio while keeping 2h each night to work on Sun’s Blade.

Without knowing, I participate to my very last physical event of the year: the Erotic arts market to which I’ve been going for 3 years now.

Sun’s Blade turns 3 years old. Then begins self isolation and working from home which, fortunately for me, I already kinda do.

I have fun holding a Q&A session with Anaïs from the Sun’s Blade, and then I take a short switchcation between 2 storyboards.

Sun’s Blade, book 1 is nomiated for the Bédélys indépendant award. I take part in the virtual Montreal Comic Arts Festival and also the very first Dungeons, Dragons & Drawings. What an honor!

It’s the end of Sun’s Blade chapter 4. I focus on my storyboard gig and take some time to organise my business from home.

Getting il isn’t something positive, but it wasn’t COVID. Hurrah. I take a couple of days off to rest.

I’m finally done with the Jojo stickers serie I’ve been working on for a year now! I take part in the virtual Prevost Comic Arts Festival.

I go on a road trip with Yves to Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. We end our trip in a chalet with some friends in Charlevoix. Such well deserved vacations.

I work on my 4th Inktober (#kinktober). I also welcome Will the albino mouse in my little furry family.

I am hospitalised and have my gallbladder removed. It’s positive because not only did they remove an organ that made me suffer, but I really enjoyed myself at the hospital. I then finish and launch Hi, stranger online.

I take part in Jay d’Ici‘s 12 days of Patreon. I start my social and hormonal transition, and I launch my trans journal on Youtube. I am employed from home in an animation studio for 2021.

I hope to be able to publish Sun’s Blade, book 2 this year and also work on a 5th erotic zine. Those are pretty much my projects plans this year.

Have an excellent year 2021, hoping this one is gonna be less crappy than the last.